Why sell your oil and gas royalties?

There are many reasons for selling your mineral interest. Selling your interest will give you an immediate lump sum cash payment. This cash payout can be used to cover an immediate need or it can be re-invested with the goal of making a higher return on your investment than your mineral interest would have paid you. Royalty interests are subject to highly volatile pricing cycles due to depletion of the reserves or downhole mechanical failures that sometimes result in a need to prematurely plug and abandon a well. Selling your royalty interest eliminates this market risk associated with your investment.

There are also a number of unrealized burdens associated with maintaining a royalty interest. Selling your royalty interest alleviates these burdens and gives you an immediate cash payout to use however you please.

Regardless of your reason for selling your royalty interest, selling to Reserve Royalty Company will give you the best value for the worth of your mineral interest.